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As women, we celebrate our individuality, marriage, motherhood, our accomplishments… We live our lives based on how other people see us, and we forget how important it is to SEE ourselves. Sure, that involves self-love and self-care. But at a more basic level, we don’t even look in the mirror and see our own selves. And we certainly don’t look at our pussies.

So we don’t celebrate the very part that birthed us, that we use now to create our own lives. When we lose our virginity, people say that we’re “deflowered.” When we birth children, we fear what it will do to our vaginas instead of celebrating what they can do.

And when we’ve accomplished all of our to-dos and achieved our goals and are still sitting around wondering why we’re not fulfilled, it’s because we’re still missing the fullness of that powerful, amazing part of our bodies.

While Enflowered isn’t just about paying attention to your pussy, that plays a large role in it. Why?

Your pussy is the energetic and physical center of creation in your body. It contains your divine feminine power. It’s linked to your imagination and your spiritual enlightenment.

We spend so much of our lives hiding it, shaming it, trying to keep it from getting hurt and healing our past injuries that we forget to celebrate it. But if we want to really embody the authentic, light-filled, majestic women that we are and find our creativity, our passion, our purpose and our fulfillment in life, we have to get in tune.

At Enflowered, we believe that you should be looking at your pussy, talking to her, and giving her a high five now and then. When you pay attention to her, you become enflowered.

And you wouldn’t believe how meaningful, fulfilling and incredible life becomes when you’re enflowered.

We sell and share products, resources, inspiration and inspiration on becoming enflowered: celebrating the goddess within you.

Get an enflowerment bouquet for yourself, or buy one for a friend. Let’s start a movement.